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David Zipperian  2.3.2024 (in the winter...sorta)

"Very focused.... Solid practice today.... Tightening up the lines getting ready for battle..... Head down driving .... Harder for me to control the emotions Then anything at this point..... I've been on a mission since w f....... I thought maybe my age caught up to me or whatever happened last year.
However 50s just the first 2 numbers on the ski.... That's all it means .... My goals are set my expectations Are high....... My crew is ready.... I'm putting in the work Boys... it's almost time...."
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Aye man, you made the cut. I got my first Superjet down in Tucson in '96 when they first came out. Coming back home it was stuffed in the back of the Bronco and you and Clayton? I think went zingin' bye in a little white truck? with ski's and buoys hangin' out. You two were the local legends hands down. Made my helmet spin sideways on my head at first. Good times. Larry


Mike Young Surf and Turf Promotions Jet Ski Racing and Legendary announcer for hire!


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