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Ken Gallagher Photography     Franky Zapata

Niels Klendshoj

Dan Montoya - Billet Edge

(DM from Will Parker)

Those words were a text from Dan
Will Parker
Hahahahahahha. I had forgotten that pic
which one?
Will Parker
Hair blowing in the wind on the boat. I need to make that into a tshirt
I agree.
THe ski one though, think about it, without the pic.
"Yea, MAN, I was rad on a Jet Ski, at this Water Park in Mesa, I was Racing on the champs boat, catching HUGE air" ...but the PIC is there!!!!!!
Will Parker
I’ve seen the ski. I’ve never seen that pic. I’ve been in the depths of billet edge laboratory.

"That ain't you...?"

"The 'F it ain't!!
That's me riding Victor Sheldon's retired 550 Pro Mod at Ski Springs circa 1990.
I machined the Billet Aluminum Total Loss Flywheel and the 440 Titanium Driveshaft" "Note Big Wave Dave in the background."

Jimi D

Chad Rogers

Rick Lake - IJSBA Jet Ski Pioneer - Team Meyer all the way!!! Need more pics, Rick!


 #14 Calvin Revuto - Meyer Racing - 2024

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