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TGN X-Can Exhaust

TGN X-Can Exhaust

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The TGN X-Can is back! The Goped Exhaust by Team Gonads is a High Performance Exhaust Canister shown to increase over 1000 RPMs which can be a 2-3 MPH gain. 2 piece billet aluminum muffler with two stingers. A heat sink header that reduces temperature and adds a header type effect like a tuned pipe giving it better low end power.
Includes 2 stingers, O-rings, bolts, gasket and instructions. The X-Can is good for the person that does freestyle and does not want the heat and weight of a tuned pipe to touch their leg. It does increase the Noise. Also used in Goped Racing. Slightly new design.

Fits: Zenoah G23LH / G2D / GZ25N14 / GZ25N23 / G230RC / G260RC / G290RC engines. Also fits CY, Chung Yang CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC / GP290 engines.
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